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The grid is a man-imposed order. Necessary in some ways, but detrimental in others. The grid in nature and in art is a man-made form. I do not use the word man here by accident. It is not just the grid that connects our homes, electrical, plumbing, gas, roads, etc. It is also the rules of life. The practical rules that give structure, order and direction to flailing human beings. But we human beings are not built to be grids. We are energy which we build grids to contain. Whether you believe in creation or evolution or some combination of the two, we are organic beings, whose existence is a phenomenal act of creativity. Why do I use a grid in my art? Because it is comforting, structured, orderly, familiar. In so many ways, it is the structure of our modern lives. But outside of it there is freedom. We need to enter into the forest; submerse ourselves in water; feel the weather pummel our skin. We spend so much of our energy controlling our physical lives, that we lose touch with the energy of the spirit. The spirit that moves within us and gives breath to all living things. The wildness of nature, of impulse, and instinct.


Each of these trees appears dead, but all have living branches and roots. Divided and rearranged they become an experience of nature instead of a mere representation. They began as linocuts of ancient trees. Seeing small compositions within the prints, I began cutting them into fourths, creating collaged, acrylic paintings. Using subtle color changes in squares reminiscent of quilts brings them into a relationship with a family tradition as well as geometric nonobjective art creating an experience greater than mere representation.


In a time when art is rarely beautiful, I seek and desire to create beauty. I cannot do anything else, as beauty feeds our humanity. Without it there is no kindness. There is no truth. There is no compassion. As a creator of art, my desire is to make work that is life affirming and conceptually grounded in experience over thoughts or words; contemplative with a clear invitation for reflection and observation, celebrating the beauty of the earth that surrounds us.

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